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All praise to God that ‘My refuge’ after so many years is born to be a blessing to many people out there including you. God is a refuge to anyone who makes Him, his refuge and habitation. Through my songs, I present the Good News of Jesus Christ. My ministry of the Word stems from all through those years of feeding from faithful servants sent by our father. I love to demonstrate the joy of a true worshipper and encourage followers of Christ to experience His freedom in allowing God to transform their lives.

My Refuge CD

My Refuge - New Single by Nona J.
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My Refuge (Reggea)



My Refuge (Jazz)



My Refuge (Instrumental)


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Inspiration for the lyrics came from the following scriptures:

  • Psalm 91:2, 4

  • Psalm 92:12-15

  • Isaiah 54:5

Through the years of very formidable experiences, I have learnt to trust in the Lord.
Making God my refuge and learning to rest in His presence.


The Holy One of Israel is my King is a repetitive theme to establish the need to have an existing relationship with God as a prerequisite to enjoying these benefits. (ie God being a refuge, fortress, provision of strength and hope for the future)


There is also a focus on the holy nature of God, again calling us to live our lives as holy as He is.

God has a long history when it comes to being faithful. His eternal nature does not change and He is still in the business of being faithful.


When you have had experiences that mar and threaten to break you, and the only fortitude of strength that remains ever so reliable making you triumph always lies in God, you can not help but shout it on the roof top that you’ll worship with ALL that is in you.


Yes I will worship my God with everything in me!  

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